Painting oil acryl
Window Azores Oil 57x74cm
"Up in the blue"  Oil 89x116cm
"The blue house" Oil  65x81cm
"Hunter" oil  58x76cm
"Sisters1" Oil  92x73cm
Door Azores  oil 57x74 cm
"Violets""  Oil  60x73cm
"Lady with fox" Oil  65x81cm
"Cat boy" Oil  76x58cm
"Sisters2" Oi 92x73cm
"Walking trade" Azores   Oil  58x76cm
"River trip"  Oil 58x76cm
"Do you want to play?" Oil  73x93cm
"Matriarchy" Oil  92x73cm
"Birdhouse" Oil
"Springtime" Oil
"Squirrel" Acryl
"Swift" Oil 80x80cm